Booking rooms

Booking conditions

Location in a quiet location 20 minutes from the city center
Renewed room stock in 2019
Excellent price/quality ratio
Wonderful cafe with delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner

Terms and Guarantees

Confidentiality and security

Check-in of guests to the hotel is available from 14:00 local time.

Check-out time is 12:00 local time.

At the end of the period of stay, no later than the check-out hour, the Guests must vacate the room. Management of «Mayak Hotel», a branch of JSC «Hotel Complex «Slavyanka», cares about the safety and comfort of its guests. The hotel has a security services, the public areas are under round-the-clock video surveillance. There are free safes in the rooms for storing valuables, as well as a safe at the front office, a free secure storage room.

If the Guest wishes to extend the stay, he/she should inform the front office no later than 2 hours before the check-out time - at 12:00 local time. Extension of stay in the same room is possible only if there is no confirmed booking in favor of a third party.

Guests wishing to maintain the status of «incognito», it is enough to notify the administrator upon arrival at the hotel, and their stay at the hotel will be confidential.

When processing data about guests, the administration of «Mayak Hotel», a branch of JSC «Hotel Complex «Slavyanka» is guided by the Regulations on processing and protection of personal data guests residing in hotels of JSC «Hotel Complex «Slavyanka» on the basis of Federal Law 152 «On Personal Data», and strictly follow the articles of the Act, which allows our guests to be confident that the data needed to check in the hotel is protected by strong security and will not be used by third parties.

We ask our guests to follow fire safety rules and hotel rules when staying at the hotel.

Terms of booking

A booking is considered guaranteed if:

  • the guest made full or partial prepayment in cash, by bank card or by bank transfer;

  • the customer of hotel services sent a letter of guarantee on the official letterhead of the organization.

In this case, the hotel waits for the Guest until 12:00 noon on the day following the scheduled arrival day. In case of late cancellation (less than 24 hours before the date of arrival), late arrival or no-show, the guest or the person who ordered the hotel services will be charged for the actual downtime of the room in the amount of one night's stay. In case of a delay of more than one day, the guaranteed booking is cancelled.

In all other cases the booking is non-guaranteed.

In case of a non-guaranteed booking, the hotel expects the Guest until 18:00 local time on the planned day of arrival, after which the reservation is cancelled. Late Guests may be checked-in under general conditions, subject to availability of free rooms.

Booking is considered valid when the Guest (other person who orders hotel services) receives a confirmation from the hotel, which contains information, including the category (type) of the ordered room, its price, the terms of booking, the duration of stay at the hotel. The Guest (other person who orders hotel services) has the right to cancel the booking in the manner and time specified by the hotel in the notification of the confirmation of the booking.

Types of rates and cancellation rules

The hotel works on dynamic rates. Dynamic rate is formed in accordance with the approved basic Price List with official open prices and the Sales Policy, which specifies the rules for the application of rates.

Depending on load, seasonality, competitive environment, all prices and offers can be:

  • changed without notice;
  • limited in time, availability and validity;
  • confirmed under other conditions and restrictions.

The price is guaranteed to the Guest after the booking is made and the Guest is informed verbally or sent a booking confirmation number.

The price does not include any incidental charges or services that the Guest may use during their stay.

Basic types of rates:

1. Basic rate without meals, basic rate with breakfast, basic rate with breakfast and dinner - rates published by the hotel in public sales sources, which can be applied to all booking channels: for direct booking, booking through online systems, through intermediary companies, counterparties, as well as for companies with which there is no contractual relationship. Cancellation without penalty is possible no later than 24 hours before the date of arrival. In case of non-arrival or cancellation of a booked room in less than 24 hours, a penalty of 100% of the first night's stay will be charged.

2. Non-refundable rate – the rate with the maximum possible discount available at the time of booking. This rate is also used by the hotel during periods of high occupancy. The full prepayment of 100% is mandatory. Booking is valid only after full advance payment. In case of non-arrival, change of booking details (period of stay, room category, number of people, etc.), the paid price is not refundable.

Note that in the case of prepayment by bank card, you will need to show the bank card used to make the booking, and the identity document of the card holder on arrival. The hotel has the right to refuse to check-in if the necessary documents are not available or if the guest whose card was charged is not the one who has checked-in.