Booking rooms


Location in a quiet location 20 minutes from the city center
Renewed room stock in 2019
Excellent price/quality ratio
Wonderful cafe with delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner

Free services


Free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel with identification by phone number

24-hour free storage room

You can always leave your belongings in the storage room, to do this you need to ask the hotel administrator

Taxi call

The administrator will call you a taxi to the necessary place and time of departure

Cooler on the floor

There are coolers with cold and hot water on the 2nd, 3d and 4th floors. A mug and saucer set is in every room

Non-smoking rooms

Smoking is prohibited on the entire territory of the hotel, according to Decree No. 15-FZ dated 23.02.2013

Unsecured parking near the hotel

You can leave your car in the parking lot to the left of the hotel's main entrance. Pay attention to the road signs. The hotel is not responsible for the safety of cars

Free ironing room on the 4th floor

It works round the clock in self-service mode

Early morning call service

You can always ask the administrator to wake you up at the time you need

The guest computer is on the first floor near the front office

Use a computer with Internet access for free

Excursion sign-ups

The administrator will provide you with all the necessary information on excursions around the city and region, and if necessary, will sign you up for the excursions that you liked

Daily housekeeping

Bed linen and towels are changed once every 3 days, room cleaning daily

Provision of a crib

Children under the age of 3 years old can be provided with a crib, if available at the time of arrival

Pay services


You can purchase souvenir products «Voentorg» at the front office

Robes for rent

You can rent a robe for an extra cost. Rent is provided for the entire period of stay


There is a laundry room with a washing machine and ironing board with iron on the fifth floor of the hotel 

Photocopying/printing of documents

You can always scan and print plane tickets and other documents as needed from the front office

«Mayak Cafe»

There is a cafe on the first floor of the hotel, which is open from 07.30 to 21.00

Extra towels, change of linens

If necessary, you can always buy an extra towel or order a change of linen. To do this, contact the hotel administrator