Booking rooms
Location in a quiet location 20 minutes from the city center
Renewed room stock in 2019
Excellent price/quality ratio
Wonderful cafe with delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner


There is a laundry room with a washing machine and ironing board with iron on the fifth floor of the hotel. The key is at the front office of the hotel, you can take it by paying in advance for the laundry service. The current cost is listed in the price list for additional services.

  • The guest pays for the service before receiving the laundry keys.
  • The guest can hand things over to the maid by agreement with the hotel manager or bring and put things in the washing machine yourself.
  • The laundry is washed within 24 hours, depending on the selected washing mode. There is a service of express laundry (within three hours).
  • It is possible to dry laundry in the room on the towel rail.
  • The hotel staff does not iron things. There is a 24-hour free ironing room on the fourth floor as well as an ironing board and iron in the laundry room itself.
Please remember to use fire safety precautions, turn off all electrical appliances and treat them with care.