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Location in a quiet location 20 minutes from the city center
Renewed room stock in 2019
Excellent price/quality ratio
Wonderful cafe with delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner

Breakfast at «Mayak Cafe»

Type of kitchen:
26 people
Meal feeding time:
  • 7:30-11:00

There is a «Mayak Cafe» on the first floor of the hotel, where you can order a hearty and tasty breakfast.

The following menus are available to guests:

  • various cereals to choose from
  • fritters/pancakes (with cottage cheese, condensed milk, jam)
  • cheese and meat platter
  • salads to choose from
  • scrambled eggs
  • cottage cheese
  • seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • bakery
  • cold and hot beverages

Breakfast time: from 07:30 to 11:00.

If you plan to leave the hotel early before the cafe opens and you do not have time to have breakfast, you have the option of ordering a dry breakfast to go. To do this you need to ask the waiter of the cafe on the eve of departure.

In case of group accommodation in the hotel, it is possible to arrange special meals for groups, based on your budget. Requests for group meals are accepted in advance. We are always ready to offer you different menu options, based on culinary preferences and age, culture and other characteristics of the guests.